Ich trink Ouzo, was trinkst du so? – I drink ouzo, what do you drink?

It has been called “The book on the crisis” and “A love letter to Greece”.   The journalist Stella Bettermann has written a real “feel good” book.   Even the longer stories leave a nice taste in your mouth as the author describes her childhood summers with parents and brother every year in  Greece. The magic, the… Continue reading Ich trink Ouzo, was trinkst du so? – I drink ouzo, what do you drink?

Is the ouzo industry too small to survive?

One of the problems facing ouzo is that it is generally produced by companies too small to help properly promote it.  It is indicative that at the recent ProWein international spirits trade show, there were only two companies with ouzo to show!   And of those, only ouzo Plomari the market leader in Greece, actually… Continue reading Is the ouzo industry too small to survive?

Ouzo de Plomari

Il est élaboré dans la capitale Grec de l’Ouzo, la ville de Plomari sur l’île de Lesbos. L’Ouzo est fait à partir de la combinaison précise de raisins pressés, d’herbes et de baies. Tout commence à partir d’alcool élaboré avec la peau du raisin, il est alors mélangé avec des herbes et d’autres ingrédients incluant… Continue reading Ouzo de Plomari

Ouzo branding case study

There are many different ouzo brands and the competition is fierce.   So it is interesting when a “new” product comes along.   Even more so when it proposes an unused, yet traditional method of production and unique marketing and bottling.   Quoting from the branding experts that put the whole thing together: UNDERSTANDING “Adolo”… Continue reading Ouzo branding case study

Ouzo baits

One of the most popular baits for fishing in the U.S. has an interestingly apt name:  ouzo baits!   Because as you will discover, the true enjoyment of ouzo is most often with fish! It may well be the case that more and more fishermen are finding the joys of ouzo to accompany those long… Continue reading Ouzo baits