Ouzo branding case study

Ouzo brands marketing and bottle design
A new category - premium ouzo brands - in Adolo by Plomari

There are many different ouzo brands and the competition is fierce.   So it is interesting when a “new” product comes along.   Even more so when it proposes an unused, yet traditional method of production and unique marketing and bottling.   Quoting from the branding experts that put the whole thing together:

Ouzo brands marketing and bottle design
A new category - premium ouzo brands - in Adolo by Plomari

“Adolo” the best quality ouzo Isidoros Arvanitis could produce.

A pleasant smell of anise, mastic and fennel derives from this premium category ouzo, distilled by an innovative recipe that may change everything taken for granted until now, as far as ouzo flavor is concerned. It is a crystal clear liquid that brings a light sense of its smelling ingredients to the taster’s mouth. According to the myth, the history of ouzo began in late 19th century. Isidoros Arvanitis, from Plomari village, Lesvos island, experimented on various spirits using a lot of different herbs in order to create the “ouzo”. This myth reaches its peak nowadays, again at Plomari village, where the premium ouzo has been created. More over, Isidoros Arvanitis used to name  ”Adolo”, the best quality ouzo he could produce, offering it only to his friends.


Discovering  the premium version of the No. 1 spirit of Greece. The challenge of branding a traditional product for a premium audience.

After the branding success of Ouzo Plomari, the leading Greek spirit drink , Yalos was commissioned to brand its new premium version, called “Adolo”.Our target audience are, opinion leaders who dare to challenge themselves with new choices. The retail environments, are a selection of contemporary bars, gourmet restaurants and of course, glamorous parties. ”Adolo” is a really special spirit, subject to three stages of distillation in order to keep the most valuable part of “the core”. Since, packaging has been proven to be one of the most critical factors in the marketing efforts and ultimate success of a spirit brand, Yalos implemented its expertise packaging design on three axes:

  • Transforming the traditional character of the well established brand of Ouzo Plomari, to an upmarket visual impact.
  • Harmonising the experience of the elegant flavouring of the spirit, with the shape of a crystal clear elegant bottle.
  • Incorporating the visual elements of the distillery brass kettle and hence delivering the look & feel of copper.

Thus creating the first premium ouzo brand of  Greece.



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