How many calories does a glass of ouzo have?

1oz of ouzo contains 103 calories, 0 fat, 11g of carbohydrates and 0 protein.  In the world famous Mediterranean diet, a glass of wine

Ouzo diet recipe calories fitness information
Ouzo calories: better the drink than the sweets!

accompanying each meal of greek food has set researchers looking for the exact mechanisms of this healthy secret.   Not enough research has taken place however concerning the traditional way to enjoy ouzo which has every sign of being an equally healthy choice, if not more so.

Many claim that it in fact developed from the times of hardship when there just wasn’t enough to go around.   So Greeks sipped their ouzo with “mezedes”, small quantities of sardines or other fish rich in Omega 3, cheese and fresh vegetables like cucumber.  It goes a long way in pre empting the recent “slow eating” movement and many other developments in our knowledge of healthy eating.   Ouzo just doesn’t inspire fast consumption and begs to be escorted by this sort of food and…good company!

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