Major scientific breakthrough on the virus from Greece

Did you know that contact with silver kills the coronavirus? In fact, according to most Greek priests, it kills all strands of the virus, even the new ones, even the ones we don’t know much about yet. Because the spoons used in communion are silver. 1+1=101

In case you haven’t visited a Greek church, Holy communion here is not like the rest of the world. We don’t do a wafer, biscuit or whatever else would make sense. No, Orthodox Christians in Greece share a spoon and drink from the same cup! And if you think that is ludicrous, wait until you hear the excuses they give for this. They range from “Christ kills all evil contained in communion” to “it is the alcohol in communion that saves us.” Fifty, a hundred or more people, gather on Sundays and basically exchange saliva based on the belief that this is an on-demand miracle, much like the spontaneous combustion every year in Jerusalem that gives us the fire to light our Easter candles.

For Greeks this is normal. The Greek Orthodox Church pretty much controls the Justice system and government. Greek schools teach more of what the church demands than most other topics. They own enormous parts of the country, prime real estate in central locations and of course an entire peninsula which in direct contrast to every single rational argument remains only for men. The President of Greece, now a woman, can not visit a part of the country because …well, because the church says so.

It is, of course, the right of every human to believe whatever they like. But in terms of public health, such irresponsible behavior that flies directly in the face of all available scientific knowledge is truly and monumentally criminal. The only miracle in this whole ridiculous farse is that the World Health Organization hasn’t intervened.

The image is from a preposterous article explaining away various cases

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Ouzo factoids

How many calories does a glass of ouzo have?

1oz of ouzo contains 103 calories, 0 fat, 11g of carbohydrates and 0 protein.  In the world famous Mediterranean diet, a glass of wine

Ouzo diet recipe calories fitness information
Ouzo calories: better the drink than the sweets!

accompanying each meal of greek food has set researchers looking for the exact mechanisms of this healthy secret.   Not enough research has taken place however concerning the traditional way to enjoy ouzo which has every sign of being an equally healthy choice, if not more so.

Many claim that it in fact developed from the times of hardship when there just wasn’t enough to go around.   So Greeks sipped their ouzo with “mezedes”, small quantities of sardines or other fish rich in Omega 3, cheese and fresh vegetables like cucumber.  It goes a long way in pre empting the recent “slow eating” movement and many other developments in our knowledge of healthy eating.   Ouzo just doesn’t inspire fast consumption and begs to be escorted by this sort of food and…good company!