Yamaha CDRW
Back in the days of reselling CDRWs

A long time ago, by some fluke of destiny I ended up heavily involved in technology and that is when AMY SA, ( ) started.  I designed the logo with the IBM logo in mind (looks nothing like it of course!) and we experimented with peripherals, soon deciding not to sell PCs and focusing on being a VAR.  Athens Microcomputers dropped the “Athens” in its name as we opened our Northern Greek branch.

Next project was AMY Digital Video, ( ) and that was serious fun as it involves higher level customer service and forging a new area of expertise in the market.  Big projects with customers like big TV channels were challenging as were projects for the Olympics games, Greek national TV archives or whole automation/backbone systems.  Not just technically but in terms of getting through the sales process too.
The original ProgramA logo had a different font but the same @ in it for “alex”!


My first truly independently created business baby was ProgramA.  ( now redirects to as I decided to keep the domain and old logo rights.)  Most people laughed out loud when I proposed it, but making profits from day one and growing 100% year on year did away with that!

ProgramB ( ) was the Balkan expansion of the software distribution concept.  I opened and set up the Turkish market and enjoyed learning about all the other Balkan markets as we grew.

Public ( ) was a bit of an experiment as I was curious about being on the other side of the fence with retailers and the corporate world.  Great fun and extremely valuable experience for a lot of the retail, branding and guerilla marketing concepts I have always had a knack for.

For the past two years I have been enjoying the varied experiences of business consulting which seems to be revolving around social media, marketing, brand management, corporate responsibility and what I now call “social engineering“.  Until I get around to writing a book about it, this blog gives you some idea what I am interested in at any one time to the extent that customer confidentiality allows me.


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