Aristotle on sleeping with sheep

It is warmer if you sleep with goats than it is with sheep.  Sheep are more nervous, whereas goat  snuggle up close to people in the night.

History of Animals – Aristotle


A dog, actually my best friend. For real!

Xenophanes often mocked Pythagoras for believing in the transmigration of souls.   According to him, once Pythagoras heard a dog which was been beaten and shouted “Stop!  Do not beat that dog!  It is the soul of a dear friend of mine, I recognize the voice!”


Flies respect the Olympics

All the time that the Games are on, the flies seems to keep a truce with the visitors and the locals in the area.    This happens even though there is much blood and meat hanging freely due to the many sacrifices to the Gods.  The flies voluntarily go to the other side of Alpheus river, they disappear from the Games.

In many ways there are like the women, only better.  Women are not allowed at the games , the rules exclude them and the observers make sure that no women sneak in.  But the flies follow this ritual on their own free will for the entire period of the Games.

When all the festivities are over, the return like people that have been exiled.  They pour back into the area in great numbers.


On Animals – Aelian


Elephant love

“Some animals express their passion vividly.  Others are almost like humans and more sensitive about it.  Aristophanes of Alexandria loved a flower girl.  But so did an elephant.  Every day as the elephant went through the market it would bring her what fruit it had taken.  The animal would stand next to her for many minutes.  And it would very gently fondle her by putting its trunk inside her clothes and fondling her lovely breasts.”

Whether Land or Sea Animals Are Cleverer – 972 d  -Plutarch 


Puppy love

Enyalius was one of the meanest Gods in ancient Sparta.  Blood and gore was what he liked.  So what did they sacrifice to him?  Puppies!