Semen tic differences

In Histories, Herodotus claims that Ethiopians (as he had also claimed about Indians elsewhere) produce black semen.  Aristotle however criticizes this view:

“…as if a person of black skin is black in every part.  But the teeth of a black person are white.”




Fifty shades of gay Spartans

When you got married, the first night, your Spartan bride got a haircut like a man’s.  She was dressed by her attendant in male clothes and left in a dark bedroom on a couch.  You came to her carefully from the military quarters because nobody must hear you or catch you.  This goes on for some time and many Spartans even got their wives pregnant before they even saw them in daylight.

Life of Lycourgos – Plutarch



How to get her to bed

Catch a bat and use myrh to draw this shape on its left wing.   Also the seven names of the god and then the words “May (name of woman) , the daughter of (her father’s name) , not get any sleep until she sleeps with me”.  Then let the bat away.

-Greek Magical Papyri 


Bad to the bone

In places like Sparta women are treated badly.  This means that half the population lives without happiness.

Rhetoric – Aristotle


Of mice and women

It makes sense that any man who is a criminal or a coward, will be reborn as a woman.

Timaeus – Plato


(photo of Annie Smith Peck – mountaineer and author.)


Elephant love

“Some animals express their passion vividly.  Others are almost like humans and more sensitive about it.  Aristophanes of Alexandria loved a flower girl.  But so did an elephant.  Every day as the elephant went through the market it would bring her what fruit it had taken.  The animal would stand next to her for many minutes.  And it would very gently fondle her by putting its trunk inside her clothes and fondling her lovely breasts.”

Whether Land or Sea Animals Are Cleverer – 972 d  -Plutarch 


The godess with great buttocks

Aphrodite was of course know for her beauty.  She was often referred to as “callipigos”, ie “lovely rumped” Aphrodite and her sacred tree was the box tree, again in honor of her buttocks!  ( πύξος [ pyxos ]) the tree, (πυγαί [ pygae ] the buttocks)