Great Greeks: the play

Come and learn everything you need to know about Ancient Greeks in one hour.  (Yeah, I know it’s been done before, but not for Greeks!)  An amazing entertaining show with non-stop laughs, constant costume and set changes and masses of information.   See it at the start of your trip to Greece so that you put everything in perspective.  Or come at the end of your travels to get ideas what you missed.   A blur of museum and archaeological visits will magically be transformed into an unforgettable experience.  (Still blurry, but unforgettable.)

There is only one problem with this amazing show…it hasn’t even started yet!  This website is like a public marker for anyone who wants to help me get it off the ground.   Theatre people, show people, sponsors…let’s hear you!   If this site doesn’t get you all psyched up about it nothing will.  Ancient Greece is a much referred to but little understood time in human history.

Time to change that, eh?