Public speaking

I thoroughly enjoy public speaking of all types.   So, no matter how complex the topic, peculiar the location or complicated the goals of the meeting, feel free to run it by me.  In fact I quite enjoy getting up in front of people with little time to prepare so don’t worry if your star speaker just cancelled and you need someone for…tomorrow!

There are a few samples of talks presented available online by people kind enough and interested enough to transcribe them.   Here is one in Greek about the relationship between art and technology and here one in English about the retail sector facing economic crisis.

They don’t really capture my multimedia, multifaceted, animated presentation style but then again you have to see me live for that, which is the whole point of speaking in public, isn’t it?   This rather dated YouTube clip makes me cringe but might help you build a picture.

It helps me to know what the purpose of the engagement is but above all the likely composition of the audience.

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