Will this idea work?

Some time ago I sat in a school committee meeting.  As usual they were wasting time talking too much.  For about half an hour they were discussing what to do about the graffiti on the wall.  I calculated that in that time we could have actually painted it over at least twice.   By doing we would have solved the problem we […]

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Greek on a soapbox

Will try and keep this short and unGreek in drama.  I am a Germanotsolias according to many people here.  The term refers to the police collaborators with the Nazis and is very fashionable again.  Ι write in full knowledge that I am probably going to be pinpointed by this, already the Press is facing ridiculous inquisitions on political grounds.
Europe I am […]

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There can only be one global language

It has been decided.  Unless some other country takes the technological lead in the next ten years in a major way, English will not only remain the de facto global language but will also greatly expand its reach.    We can debate the finer points about lost nuances, great cultures of the past and all that will be lost if you […]

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At long last…a new image for Greeks!

The antics of the Greek government these past 100 days have achieved what nobody for decades had managed to shift:  the image of Greeks.   As correctly identified by various spin doctors, the image of a Zorba type lazy Greek at the cafe was holding us back.    No matter how many advertising campaigns we tried, millions spent with consultants […]

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I saw your teapot

I saw your teapot,
it was small.
Quite clean, and stylish
very neat.
Looks like you use it now and then
but yet,
it didn’t fool me.
Not one of those well crafted ones,
that make ten cups a day.
Nor one of the enormous ones,
when we’ve a lot to say.
Or well respected older pots,
with patches, cracks, decay.
I judge men by their teapots now,
and yours is lacking greatly.
Takes more than […]

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Yanis Varoufakis is a liar – Greeks are not poor by any measure

“We know by looking into the eyes of the hungry in the streets of our cities…”  The man is a writer.  A blogger.  A tweeter.  But surely not the material of a finance minister.  Maybe this whole thing is just a scheme on his part so he can sell more books.  Maybe he wants to charge as much as Bill […]

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A conversation with your average Greek about debt

-This debt is unsustainable.
What do you mean?
-We have to get more loans just to pay the interest!  We will never manage to pay it off!
So what do you propose?
-Write all the debt off so we can recover.
But that would mean other Europeans having to pay for it.
-Yes, but you are all richer than us.  We have very very high unemployment.
You […]

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Playing the Eurovillage idiot

This is not a political statement.  A lot of friends and business associates are calling me these days and I thought I should put together the kind of reassuring statement our government is not.  From a communications point of view the country is in chaos.  Nobody is controlling the agenda and -though improved – Greeks are still passionate political beings. […]

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Why Google will never post profits like Apple just did

The Imitation Game was not as good a film as it was made out to be.  Maybe if you know nothing about Turing or the history around it all, or if you enjoy watching whodunnit TV shows.  Some people summarized it as “the story of how a closet gay shortened the war by two years”.  Well that is a terrible […]

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Is that an iBanana in your pocket?

…or are you just happy to have an iPhone6 plus that bends?  The latest Apple fiasco is pretty worrying for a number of reasons.   Maybe it isn’t too common.  Could be blown out of proportion by iPhone haters.  I have noticed that in the Android ecosystem negative news about iPhones seem to be promoted by Google in their own […]

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