What your girlfriend can teach you about online communication

“Chat?  That is for my teenage daughter!”  Yeah, right.  Only while you are busy pretending to be serious, she and her entire generation are learning communication skills you need to work on.  Some best practices to think about:

It is easier!  From a scientific point of view it is well established that we use much less energy processing computer related situations […]

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The Asian Toad and Google research for business

My friend James is probably the smartest person I know.  Whether he is teaching himself music in order to do the soundtrack to an amazing documentary of his, building innovative mammal free zones in New Zealand, riding a motorbike or in Madagascar fighting the Asian toad.
The what?  When a modern human comes across something unknown, we Google it.  Just like […]

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What the Oscars and your business can learn from the NBA

Yannis Antetokounpbo is not your average Greek.  Born in a poor neighborhood of Athens.  Nigerian parents.  2.11m tall and with amazing physique, he is a wonder to watch whether it is in the Greek all star game, Team Africa or the NBA.  A young man with a great smile he can get Nigerians, Greek and people from Milwaukee excited.  At the same time!
When Dirk […]

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Trump is right about something! Made in USA counts for a lot

You probably rushed to dismiss it.  After all, in this globalized world it seems counterintuitive that Apple should produce iPhones entirely in the US.  Some would say impossible.  And it is Donald Trump saying it, the man is ridiculous almost 24/7.
Now think about it again.  Cost?  Yeah, sure it would be more expensive to produce in America but Apple has the […]

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Greek retail woes part 2 – chains and balls

Let’s say you want to plan an in store activity for a tech product.  “We have thirty stores all over Greece!” beams the person you are talking with.  Here are a few questions to ask before setting out your promotional strategy.

What is the percentage of traffic of your top 2 stores relative to the rest?  Case in point, a well […]

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Don’t waste good money on Greek retail – part 1, the stats

From afar, it probably seems like a mystery.  Greece has no money.  So why are so many tech items still selling well?  It isn’t easy to get a handle on the market as it feels pretty third worldly most of the time.
For starters you need to recognize that there aren’t very good stats for most things.  I can cite several […]

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Will this idea work?

Some time ago I sat in a school committee meeting.  As usual they were wasting time talking too much.  For about half an hour they were discussing what to do about the graffiti on the wall.  I calculated that in that time we could have actually painted it over at least twice.   By doing we would have solved the problem we […]

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Greek on a soapbox

Will try and keep this short and unGreek in drama.  I am a Germanotsolias according to many people here.  The term refers to the police collaborators with the Nazis and is very fashionable again.  Ι write in full knowledge that I am probably going to be pinpointed by this, already the Press is facing ridiculous inquisitions on political grounds.
Europe I am […]

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There can only be one global language

It has been decided.  Unless some other country takes the technological lead in the next ten years in a major way, English will not only remain the de facto global language but will also greatly expand its reach.    We can debate the finer points about lost nuances, great cultures of the past and all that will be lost if you […]

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At long last…a new image for Greeks!

The antics of the Greek government these past 100 days have achieved what nobody for decades had managed to shift:  the image of Greeks.   As correctly identified by various spin doctors, the image of a Zorba type lazy Greek at the cafe was holding us back.    No matter how many advertising campaigns we tried, millions spent with consultants […]

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