Google AI reveals Greek government propaganda works

So I got access to Bard, Google’s AI. And I thought to ask it about the upcoming Greek elections which were announced today.

So far so good. Up to date and pretty good summaries. But it made me suspicious, so I delved a bit deeper.

The problem became apparent. Based on popular articles on the internet, Bard is starting with what is the official line (propaganda) of the Greek government. Makes sense. But as soon as I insist on a specific topic, it reverses that summary.

In fact not a single of the positive initial claims in its summary stood up to a simple second question. I particularly enjoyed its extremely accurate summary of how far back Greece is in terms of e-government, a sector in which most Greeks have believed government propaganda.

In fact the harder you push, the better a summary you get.

In all I am impressed. Sure, those not bothering to ask a second question, or those not asking something specific will only get a superficial answer. But Bard is amazing at locating the real issues and answering them succinctly. I used to consider Wikipedia the best source of balanced answers but Bard is now my No1.

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