Traveling with A Baby in Greece

We brought our pampers with us but realized that a 3 month supply leaves no room in our bags for anything else. They are available in what the Greeks call Supermarkets, which are on every island and might be compared to a convenience store packed with everything you would find in a supermarket only fewer and smaller items (though the pampers are normal sized and take up a lot of shelf space). The American made pampers were more expensive then the Greek pampers so to save money we made a switch, only to discover that the Greek version of the miracle adhering strip was not up to the rigors of being attached to an active American child and the pampers would fall off frequently. This was easily remedied by duct tape which may be a little harder to find in Greece but can be brought from America without sacrificing too much luggage space.
Greece, travel with childrenThe more time you spend on the beach the less pampers you will need. That is if you are far from the crowds and are able to let things fall as they may, as they say. If you let your child run free and naked by the sea you won’t spend as much money on pampers and nobody really cares if kids (and in some places adults) are running around naked. If you are the type who believes that a child should be in pampers either to shield them from unscrupulous eyes or to keep the stuff which the pampers are meant to contain, contained, you should be aware that when pampers get wet they expand and get heavy and the baby falls down a lot.¬†You can bring cloth diapers if you don’t believe in pampers for ecological reasons or if you are a masochist. Keep in mind that you will have to wash them in your hotel sink. Some of the luxury hotels have laundry service but it is expensive. It would be cheaper to mail your dirty diapers home and deal with them later. But that would be pretty disgusting.

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