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What if there was a guide to the Acropolis of Athens, specifically written for children of the upper elementary grades? There is. Now you can prepare your children for their trip to the Acropolis of Athens, before you get there. Give them a copy of Let’s go to the Acropolis, the only workbook guide available in the English language. Let’s go to the Acropolis is a quick guide that answers many questions, and gives meaning to the site. Here the kids can read all they need to know about the myths and history of the Acropolis. 

“This short guide for children, written by Aliki Ammerman, is a must for families or teachers who want to visit the Acropolis. It’s packed with historical information and includes more than 18 activities to hold any child’s interest during his visit. A time line, Who’s Who, and bibliography complete the book. We used this guide as a textbook for our fieldtrip to the Acropolis for many years. Our students learned the basic facts, and enjoyed the activities. We became scholars and not just “tourists.” This revised edition continues to be child-friendly, comfortable and accessible.” Cheryl Makris, former fifth grade teacher, American Community Schools of Athens, Greece.

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Athens 4 Kids: Hundreds of things to do and see in the city and beyond! Got Kids?………Get This!!! There must be hundreds of great places to take your kids in Athens.  So where are they ? This is the question Mark Ritchie has answered in his new book – Athens 4 Kids.  This is the ultimate insider’s guide to all the very best children-friendly places, activities, and events on offer in Athens and the Attica region. Residents and visitors alike will discover a huge variety of ways in which to celebrate family life here regardless of the weather, or their available time or budget. It really does have something for everyone! The book thinks practically about what parents (aunts, uncles, and grandparents), and, more specifically, children up to the age of 12 really need. Each careful selection is described and evaluated, in order to learn in advance what to expect upon arrival and at which age children might best appreciate the experience. The colourful illustrations and simple information-at-a-glance format makes choosing a venue fun, quick and easy. Athens 4 Kids is on sale in bookshops, selected stores, and in outlets at many of the venues that appear in the book. You can also order it directly from the author by e-mailing

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