Is walking in the heat impossible?

Even Greeks think it is peculiar that I should enjoy walking for hours on end in the summer.   However it is something you get used to with a few precautions:


At high altitudes, or on the Aegean, you can get sunburnt surprisingly quickly even through cloud cover. A hat provides needed protection, and zinc oxide or some ether barrier cream protects your nose, lips and earlobes, plus the back of your hands and neck. Calamine lotion is good for mild sunburn.

Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is an itchy rash caused by exces­sive perspiration trapped under the skin. It usually strikes new arrivals whose pores have not yet opened sufficiently to cope with greater sweating. Keeping cool but bathing often, using a mild talcum powder or even

Vaseline, alcohol, oil or a heated wire-tip will persuade a tick to let go; don’t just yank them off, since a head left stuck in the skin will become septic. Ticks spread a number of bacterial and viral diseases, including typhus, so you should clean them off as soon as possible.


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