Health insurance

Emergency-room care at yenikci nosokomia (public general hospitals) in Greece is usually free for most foreign nationals, but the care is not always the greatest, and private clinics are as costly as anywhere else in the world. So a travel insurance policy that covers medical problems as well as theft and loss, is a wise idea. The international travel policies handled by STA or other student travel organisations are usually good value. Some policies offer lower and higher medical expenses options, but the higher one is chiefly for countries like the USA which have extremely high medical costs. Check the small print:

1  Some policies specifically exclude ‘dangerous’

activities, which can include scuba diving, motorcycling, even trekking. If you’re planning to use this book in the field then you don’t want that sort of policy.

2   You may prefer a policy which pays doctors or

hospitals directly rather than you having to pay at the time and claim later. If you have to claim later, make sure you keep all documentation. Some policies ask you to call (reverse charges) a centre in your home country, where an immedi­ate assessment of your problem is made.

3   Check if the policy covers ambulances or an emer­

gency flight home. If you have to stretch out you will require two seats, and somebody has to pay for the extra one!


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