Ethnology, Sociology, Anthropology

I Unit, James T. The Cyclades, or Life Among the Insular Greeks. Chicago: Argonaut Press, 1965 reprint of 1885 British edition. O.P. Bent and spouse spent a year in the archipelago back when it took a year to visit them all. Still the English- language monograph for anyone interested in island folklore, archaeology.

Ilium, Richard and Eva. The Dangerous Hour: The Lore of Crisis and Mystery in Rural Greece. New York: Scribners, 1970. O.P. Narratives on the supernatural, afflictions and cures; overnice analysis and a useful comparison with belief systems in other eras and Mediterranean cultures.

ι mnpbell, John. Honor, Family, Patronage: A Study of a Greek Mountain Commu­nity. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1964. More precisely, a study of Sarakatsani transhumants in West Zagoria during the late 1950s. Not entirely outdated.

ι luiiiiulay, Juliet. Portrait of a Greek Mountain Village. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1974 One of John Campbell’s students lived in a remote Evvian hamlet. Indispensable for understanding the interior landscape and daily life of rural Greeks.

I li ilnt. < Hall. Road to Rembetika: Music of a Greek Subculture—Songs of Love, Sorrow and Hashish. Athens: Denise Harvey & Co., 1983. The predominant urban musical style of 20th-century Greece as depicted by a Cornell University musicologist.

I ο ι .urrlere, Jacques. L’ete Grec, une Grece quotidienne de 4,000 ans. Paris: Plon, 1976. A sensitive, subjective journal (in French) of the author’s several |ourneys to Greece, in the tradition of the great French anthropologists. Focus on folklore, handcrafts, and traditional communities.

I nwni in, John Cuthbert. Modern Greek Folklore & Ancient Greek Religion: A Study in Survivals. New York: University Books, 1964. O.P. To Greece what The Golden Hough is to the world—and Lawson’s conclusions have stood the test of Miihsoquent scholarship better than Frazer’s.

Mmi”·. George. Greek Calendar Customs. Athens: The author, through University of Alliens, 1982. Chronological compendium of holiday observances throughout 11 κ ι country. Sadly, many customs have vanished since the first, 1953 edition.

Remlxr. Irwin T. Rainbow in the Rock: The People of Rural Greece. Cambridge: ι Imvard University Press, 1962. O.P. Outstanding, moderately analytic intro- iluctlon to Greek geography, demography, sociology and folklore that confirms surface impressions of life in the hills.


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