Burnt – Rocky does cookery for kids

These lessons from star chef Thomas Keller include how to butcher a rabbit and tips for saving freezer space.:
No, this isn’t the sexy guy from the movie

This is not meant to be a movie for kids.  Nice looking guy, romance, cookery….it is datenight material.  Our hero is a genius fighting ghosts from the past.  But he does it in such an easy way, nobody gets worried.  Kids can watch this, no problem.

If nothing else, it is a great antidrug advert.  Kids, don’t take drugs because bad people will chase you for money, you ruin your life and it is generally a big dark cloud.  No needles, no mess shown.  Quite the opposite.  For someone who hasn’t really thought about cooking as a job, this is a great introduction.

5 Knives Chefs Can't Live Without on Food & Wine -- 4 out of 5 are Japanese. I better stock up while I am here.:
“But Daddy, why on earth are knives so important?”

My eldest is twelve years old now, time to start thinking about careers.   Well if he wants to be a chef, this is one way to start getting excited about it.  The importance of teamwork, good ingredients, hard work, presentation and many other facets of the job.  Sure, they are glossed over in a very female-audience-friendly way, but it still works.

You never really worry too much that he won’t make it but this is a watchable 5 or 6 out of 10.

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