Do figs look like testicles?

Traditionally, foods which look like certain human body parts are considered good for you in general, but more specifically good for the body parts they resemble.  In general this notion is completely false of course.  Just because figs look like balls there is no reason they should be good for males in particular.    Don’t forget that testicles are also colloquially called “nuts” more often than “figs”.  However the urban dictionary actually defines figs as testicles in one popular usage.  As in “she kicked him in the figs”.

Aztecs called the avocado “testicle trees” and they actually had a point.  They are packed with folates which statistically correlate to higher sperm production.    Figs are high in magnesium and zinc which help maintain high testosterone levels.  This isn’t proven to affect testicle size or shape, though it is possibly beneficial to their health and reproductive capability.

Figs are of course not the only thing in this shape.  Pears and certain nuts are almost identical as are a lot of other naturally occuring  items around us.    So call them what you like, figs are great for the health of ….all of you!


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