Spam, spam, spam in my Domino’s pizza

Real Beauty in Domino’s pizza campaign in Greece is lost in execution

When I first started getting emails about a free Domino’s pizza some time ago I tried to ignore them. As they persisted and went well past the major spam level I retorted to complain about it in my blog. Added a twist of something more interesting as I usually do. Got it out of my system and forgot about it. Hey that’s what blogs are for!

But the emails persisted. I have lost count but it is very close to fifty separate, identical emails from the same two senders with exactly the same email content. This is probably the worse spamming in Greek internet history. And to make it worse I actually signed up for their damn offer to try and make it stop. I ate it and once again hoped the emails would stop. After all, I signed up with the same email they were spamming.

But like Chinese water torture it dripped on.

So when Domino’s launched their “real beauty” campaign, I was ready for flame wars! I have infinite admiration for the way they are refreshing the entire concept of pizza marketing. Pizzas without any retouching of any sort. And this doesn’t mean they will just pay for better photographers. encourages you to upload your own pizza pictures. ( is much more interesting and “really real” by the way…) Chipotle is also trying this line of “intelligent” advertising by emphasizing the lack of typical images in their ads: We wanted to have farmers in our ads, but what sells are big burritos, not lessons in farming.”

Please, you wonderful and creative people at Domino’s pizza marketing, please check up on local execution. Not even a free pizza a day can save you in my mind now! My waistline can’t afford it and every time I see your logo I connect it with spam…

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  1. It’s a huge loss for Domino’s reputation in the market. If such type of problem exists, then the company should have some customer care dept. to handle the situation. And i request the customers to be alert and complain about such type of non-sense as soon as possible.

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