How many calories does a glass of ouzo have?

1oz of ouzo contains 103 calories, 0 fat, 11g of carbohydrates and 0 protein.  In the world famous Mediterranean diet, a glass of wine accompanying each meal of greek food has set researchers looking for the exact mechanisms of this healthy secret.   Not enough research has taken place however concerning the traditional way to… Continue reading How many calories does a glass of ouzo have?

Ouzo branding case study

There are many different ouzo brands and the competition is fierce.   So it is interesting when a “new” product comes along.   Even more so when it proposes an unused, yet traditional method of production and unique marketing and bottling.   Quoting from the branding experts that put the whole thing together: UNDERSTANDING “Adolo”… Continue reading Ouzo branding case study

Whiskey Ouzo fix

2 measures of whiskey A quarter of a measure of ouzo Half a teaspoon of sugar disolved in water Half a fresh lemon (juice) Serve in a glass with crushed ice and a lemon slice.

Ouzo baits

One of the most popular baits for fishing in the U.S. has an interestingly apt name:  ouzo baits!   Because as you will discover, the true enjoyment of ouzo is most often with fish! It may well be the case that more and more fishermen are finding the joys of ouzo to accompany those long… Continue reading Ouzo baits