Therapeutic qualities of aniseed: drink and then bathe in it!

It isn’t just the aroma of aniseed that gives ouzo that distinctive flavor.

“This spice possesses gas-relieving property. It is an excellent medicine for expelling wind from the stomach. It can also be taken, in combination with other digestive foods like ginger, cumin and pepper, in the form of an infusion.

An easy way to prepare the infusion is to mix a teaspoon of aniseed in a cup of boiling water and leave it covered overnight. The clear fluid is then decanted and taken with honey. This helps gurgling in the abdomen. This is also useful in preventing gas and fermentation in the stomach and the bowels.”

Hey, that is more or less how they distill ouzo so save yourself the trouble!  Here is another quote:

“Anise oil opens bronchial pathways so you can breath again. Commonly used in aromatherapy for breathing difficulties – anise oil may have a good effect on asthma as a natural asthma remedy. Anise oil is also excellent fish bait and is commonly used by fisherman to attract trout.   Pure Anise Oil is also noted as helpful for flatulence, impotence, painful periods, migraines and colic. Anise oil is best used in baths, massage oils, facials and in a diffuser.”

Right, so straight after drinking it we can pour some into our bath too!

Properties of Anise oil:

  • Main Constituent anethole (phenolether)
  • Carminative
  • Digestive
  • Promotes Harmony and Balance (Green)
  • Expectorant”

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