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Nokia-Microsoft. A serious case of “I told you so”

People in the technology sector often get their predictions wrong.   Many saw a “multimedia revolution” coming back in the 80’s but few knew what it would entail.  Would we sell speakers and CD-roms, or more software and color printers?   And sure, we need a new DVD format but will it come now or in ten years?

And there are other predictions that take guts.  Back in 2000 on my TV show I first went on record to state that Nokia has a serious long term problem.   Then in 2007 I explained it forcefully in a blog post.  “Why I would not rush to buy Nokia stocks or buy their stocks” was heresy.  My point isn’t so much that I am good at predicting technology trends but that there is a serious communication problem.   Journalists are all too often caught up in their own agendas.  Even more so in an economic crisis where they are being converted to machine cogs producing more and more content for various channels.  Journalists were never good at this game because they were never close enough to the action.    Somewhere between trade shows, closed door meetings, technology previews and actually trying to sell the stuff, people in the industry have a much much more rounded picture of what is really going on.
So it is people in the industry that need to learn to communicate more.  Get blogging.
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WordPress and the power of interface

As I turned yet another blog of mine to the WordPress engine it occured to me that once again, interface rules.  Once a user gets used to it, why bother learning anything else?  Which also explains why people give away so much software (like WordPress) in order to get you attached to some other payable product.

Same applies to mobile phones, heck there are people who consider the original Nokia (pre touch screen) universe, an interface that they are fond of!  (It’s true you can do simple stuff really fast on those phones …)

Anyway, is still down for server upgrade and I am not sure whether I will even bother to keep trying with that blog engine anymore.  The back up copy of everything up to the time of back up is up at for your reference.  That is two years’ worth of bloging and SEO experimentation there!