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Why Netflix Will Open Its Library In France & Germany In 2014?

VoD giant Netflix are looking for additional markets in Europe to launch their service. That’s Netflix executives have visited France and Germany last week.

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Netflix is eyeing France, Germany for future expansions

Bonjour and guten Tag: Netflix executives have visited Germany and France as they are looking for additional markets to launch their service.

Sponsored Research: How story-driven video is poised to take off

Short-form video apps like Vine and Instagram are familiarizing consumers with the concept of taking video anytime, anywhere. And with easy-to-use tools arriving in an evolving ecosystem, longer, story-driven personal video is poised to take off.

Amazon’s ‘Alpha House’ Is More ‘Veep’ Than ‘House of Cards’

It’s Amazon’s turn to get into the original series game. The Internet heavyweight premiered its first original series, political sitcom Alpha House, this month with three episodes streaming for free on Amazon Instant Video.
Alpha House is a solid ent…

More than a third of all YouTube viewing comes from longform content

Move over, cat videos: More than a third of all YouTube view time can be attributed to videos that are 20 minutes or longer.

New traffic data shows: Netflix and YouTube rule online video, Hulu and Amazon barely register

Netflix continues to be by far the biggest source for residential internet traffic in North America, and the company is starting to have an impact on Europe’s ISPs as well.

Does AOL Have a Fighting Chance Against YouTube?



When one thinks of the major players in online video, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, perhaps even Amazon first to mind — not AOL.

Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL (pictured, right), and Susan Lyne, the former ABC Entertainment president who was appointed CEO of AOL’s Brand Group in late February (pictured, left), are out to change that — lured no doubt by lucrative forecasts for online video advertising

AOL is a small but growing entity in the video space, bringing in around $100 million in video revenue last year, according to Armstrong. (YouTube, by comparison, is estimated to have generated $4 billion that year.) Read more…

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YouTube now lets more creators charge for their videos

More creators can now take advantage of YouTube’s paid subscriptions. As of Tuesday, free channels that have over 10,000 subscribers and meet some other criteria can start charging monthly fees for their videos.

Comedy Rules Online Video (Or: Why Every Video You Post Online Should Be Funny)

The above video features the only notable thing that will happen with the Toronto Raptors NBA franchise this season. In it, you’ll see their mascot tear his achilles doing a backflip. This injury means The Raptor will be gone for the season.

(P.S. It took me a good ten minutes of searching online to find, and then confirm, that the name of the Toronto Raptors mascot is “The Raptor” and not anything even remotely clever like, “The Dinosaur”, “Giant Red Lizard Thing”, and “Stevie”. I guess in reality the joke’s on me.)

The above video is also funny, at least to me. And if it’s not funny to you, I promise that this video is still more amusing than that guy trolling college students at Drexel University’s TEDx event. And here’s the important part, and the reason you’re reading this post in the first place: 58% of online adults, according to the people at the PEW Internet & American Life Project, view online comedy videos. 72% of the roughly 274 million American Internet users also watch, or download, online video using services like YouTube.

We know, thanks to books like Contagious from Dr. Jonah Berger, that funny content provokes a strong emotional reaction in people, which means they are more likely to share the video than they would something else. (This is also true with “How To” videos, which also are quite popular according to PEW.) And we also know that the human brain’s default setting, especially when it’s busy doing things like surfing the Internet, is to believe everything that it’s told, which is why if you tell people to “Share this” or “Please retweet” they’re more likely to do so.

So if you want to get people’s attention, these numbers are further proof you’re going to want to lead with something funny. Like video of a sports mascot getting horribly injured. You just might like the results.

Update: It looks like someone took down the original video, so check out the video below to enjoy another spectacular failure on the part of The Raptor. This one involving rollerblades.

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1/3 of millennials watch no broadcast TV, New York Times survey says

A New York Times  survey of over 4,000 online video viewers found that 34 percent of millennials (ages 18 to 34) say they watch “mostly online video/no broadcast TV,” compared to 20 percent of Gen X’ers (35- to 49-year-olds) and 10 percent of boomers (50+). Poynter […]

Weekly Social Media Recap #39

Last week ViralBlog published the following social media marketing stories for you. Missed out? Catch up here.

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U.S. cable company turns to a three-year-old startup to solve its Netflix problems

Mediacom, a U.S. cable company, has turned to Qwilt, a three-year-old startup to solve its over-the-top video woes. Qwilt thinks it can cut costs and solve the business problems of delivering online video.

If You Have Ever Been Rejected… Be Like Bono

The letter read…

“Thank you for submitting your tape of ‘U2‘ to RSO, we have listened with careful consideration, but feel it is not suitable for us at present. We wish you luck with your future career.”

They were kind enough to end the letter by saying, “sincerely.” So, that’s something.

How many times have you been told “no”?

It’s not that The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Museum doesn’t have tons of eye candy, videos and collectibles that would get the most cynical of music enthusiast smiling. It’s full of that. But, after spending several hours there today, in Cleveland, it is that short letter for Bono and the boys that I took a picture of, and will constantly refer back to when someone tells me no or rejects one my ideas. Thankfully, U2 kept going. They believed in the work that they were creating, and they persevered to the tune of massive global stardom. U2 is the type of iconic band that can sell out any stadium that has electricity. They’re just that big. They’re adored by millions. There are thousands of stories about rejection like this one. What’s most interesting is just how much things have changed. The record industry (like the marketing industry) used to be based on a scarcity model. Without the right music, look, feel, management, resources, network and more, the odds of making it would shrink exponentially. Record labels could only release a handful of albums each and every year, and there was only so much shelf space in record stores for all of these artists. Gatekeepers had to do their best to reserve these coveted spots for “sure things.” 

From scarcity to abundance.

Technology has added some dynamic layers of abundance to this. Now, any artist (or marketer) can share their ideas – in text, images, audio and video – instantly and (mostly) for free with the world. You can post your music to SoundCloud, a video to YouTube, or you can pique someone’s interest via Facebook, Twitter and beyond. It has never been easier to share, because the cost of distribution has slipped to zero along with the barriers to entry. It gets even crazier when you think about the cost to record that music when compared to the days of recording studios and more. There’s nothing new in that. We’ve been banging this drum for well over a decade already. Still, not a day passes by that someone isn’t down in the dumps over being rejected or told that they can’t do something.

If it’s important to you.

When I think about rejection. When I think about quitting. When I think about all of the people who have ever tried to hold me back (including my own beliefs), I think about two books:

  1. The Dip by Seth Godin.
  2. Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.

They are small books with massive ideas that will help you figure out how to start something and/or when to end it. Both are important. Now, I have a picture of this letter that some record company wrote to U2. I can slide to unlock my iPhone, select my photos and just read it. In two seconds, I can then decide if whatever rejection I’m facing has merit beyond someone – with their own ego issues – getting in the way. This doesn’t mean that other people’s opinions and insights don’t deserve any attention. Constructive criticism and feedback is often good and may very well send you on a different and more successful course. Still, people will reject you and your ideas for a myriad of reasons… and a lot of the time it has very little to do with your skills, talent, artistry and hunger. Always remember that.

If you’re feeling rejected, just read that note to U2 over again, and be like Bono. Keep at it.


GetGlue Redesigns TV Guide and Connects With DirecTV



GetGlue, the second-screen app for film and TV lovers, on Thursday released an iOS update aimed at giving users more control. The app update offers a redesigned where-to-watch guide, a remote-control function for DirecTV subscribers and additional social tools for the app’s 4 million registered users to add memes, GIFs, articles and videos to posts.

The release is optimized for the upcoming launch of the iOS 7 mobile operating system and the fall TV season. The overhaul resembles a digital TV guide. The listings are prioritized by what’s on right now, making it easy to monitor trending content. As with previous app releases, personalized check-in data helps GetGlue tailor content to users. Read more…

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Sony betting big on 4K, launches Video Unlimited 4K download service

Sony today announced a new US-only 4K video download service, Video Unlimited 4K. Sony also introduced two new 4K television models. It is all part of the company’s big bet on 4K technology as a way to stage a big comeback.

Kevin Spacey Speech: TV Channels Give Control To The Viewers!

Double Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey has challenged TV channels to give “control” to their audiences or risk losing them. Read the story and watch his speech here on ViralBlog.

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3 New Ways To Think About Amazon, YouTube And LinkedIn

Are you experiencing any digital marketing fatigue?

Thinking about what’s coming next? Curious about what is around the corner? Just this week, three interesting news items emerged that demonstrate some big shifts in three of the major online social channels.

  1. Amazon Adds Ability to Buy Goods From Within Mobile Apps. Buying virtual goods in-app is nothing new, but buying physical goods in-app? This is the convergence of a movement I discuss in-depth in my second book, CTRL ALT Delete, about how physical becomes digital and digital becomes physical. Now, developers will be able to create applications that enable consumers to buy physical goods from within the app and receive a commission for these sales from Amazon. From the Bloomberg news item: “Imagine a developer of a nutrition and fitness app can now offer their customers the ability to purchase vitamins, supplements and fitness gear within the app, directly from Amazon.” This a big deal for brands. Brands can create an app of full-on utility, but have the flexibility to sell (and make money) through in-app purchases. This adds a dynamic new layer to e-commerce and the convergence of marketing and commerce.
  2. Forget Amazon. YouTube Is Where Shoppers Do Research. Back in 2008, the big news was that YouTube had become the second largest search engine in the world after its parent company, Google. This data point still surprises many people who see YouTube as a simple online video platform. When considering a purchase or wanting to see a product demo, where do you turn? More often than not, somebody, somewhere has created a video of almost everything. This AdWeek article further substantiates that as YouTube matures and more and more consumers find it increasingly easy to create video content (you can shoot it and upload it directly from your smartphone), that YouTube morphs into a destination for product discovery, review and a massive engine of influence. Who would have thought that YouTube’s commercial value extends to become a heavy influencer in the purchase decision?
  3. Ad Agencies Love LinkedIn but Not SlideShare. What social media tools do marketing agencies use to hustle down new business? It turns out that LinkedIn is the clear winner. From the AdWeek article: “46 percent of 300 agency honchos described LinkedIn as the ‘most important’ social media vehicle for generating new business leads, well above blogging (24 percent), Facebook and Twitter (both at 14 percent) and Google (just 2 percent). The same poll, though, found that only 21 percent use SlideShare to market their agencies to prospective clients. Interestingly, SlideShare has been around nearly as long as LinkedIn–seven years compared to 10. So, both are ancient in the realm of social media, but obviously LinkedIn is a bigger name in b-to-b networking.” The reason LinkedIn is so popular? Apparently it’s this big, because it requires the least amount of effort to maintain effectively. That’s a (somewhat) sobering (and sad) statement, but everybody is looking for shortcuts. What makes this interesting is how our virtual and physical networks are not only blurring, but how multi-million dollar deals are now being brokered through relationships that have been initiated because of the power of social media and online social networking.

Don’t always look at what is coming and what is new.

While reviewing these three disparate news items, it was refreshing to get a new perspective on how these channels are both evolving, and how they are maturing as engines of marketing and commerce. The smart marketers will take these three news items and (hopefully) get creative by thinking about new brand solutions. It feels like some new and exciting opportunities that can be capitalized on as everyone else continues down the same, old path because they’re not paying attention to just how much the audience is evolving over a short period of time.

Fascinating stuff.