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Time for iOS device spring cleaning: How to replace your old apps with new ones

Nothing can compare to the fresh start that comes with erasing and restoring your iOS device back to its original configuration. But before you start reinstalling all of your old apps again, consider some alternatives first.

Nokia adopts Yandex search and app store for Russian Android push

Yandex will provide the default search and app facilities for users of Nokia’s X-series Android smartphones in Russia and Belarus, the companies announced on Thursday.

FireChat sees 100K app downloads a day with a huge uptake overseas

Open Garden’s new anonymous, hyperlocal messaging app is sparking a lot of interest around the world, rising to the top of the iTunes social networking charts in several countries.

Android users will get to install Jolla’s rival Sailfish OS, bit by bit

The operating system will run on some devices in the Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia lines, and before that comes out a Sailfish launcher will be made available so users can get used to the UI.

How data can create security in the modern enterprise

A deep, thorough inspection of real-time network data can help provide the kind of IT security that the modern enterprise requires.

Yandex offers apps-and-services bundle to help others build non-Google Android devices

Yandex.Kit, for which there are already two takers, includes rivals to Google Maps, Play Store, Chrome and more.

Steve Jobs Time Capsule Finally Uncovered After 30 Years



Steve Jobs‘ spirit lives on — not only through your Macs and iPhones, but also via a time capsule.

The tube, which was buried by Jobs and several others at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983, was filled with personal items including the Lisa mouse. That mouse is recognized as an important piece of history; Jobs used it at the conference where he predicted many innovations we use today. He envisioned the future of computers and the Internet, the creation of the App Store, wireless networking and other Apple technologies

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Sponsored post: $86 billion EU app economy will support 4.8 million jobs in 2018

Gigaom Research forecasts that EU developers will collect $86 billion in 2018 revenue. $62.8 billion of that will come from contract labor. The report driving this post was underwritten by the European Commission.

How the app economy could reboot the EU economy

Will the emerging app economy reboot a struggling Europe, jump-starting job growth and infusing European Union countries with startup energy? Signs are promising.

After 5 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes

Persistence, it turns out, does pay off. After rejecting it five times, Apple has finally approved an app that tracks every U.S. drone strike and sends a push notification to users every time a flying robot carries out a deadly mission around the wor…

80% of Apple Mobile Devices Now Run iOS 7

iOS 7 now runs on 80% of iOS devices, according to new numbers Apple released on Monday.
This is an increase from the 74% rate Apple reported in early December. The latest numbers, which were posted on the App Store’s developer support center page, s…

App Store Pulls ‘Barbie’ Plastic-Surgery App Following Backlash

Apple’s App Store pulled a Barbie-inspired plastic-surgery app on Tuesday, following intense backlash fueled in part by a Twitter campaign.
The game, which launched last week and was rated for children 9 and older, walked players through the graphic …

What Happens After Apple Features Your App in the App Store

Luis von Ahn and his team received the email from Apple in mid-December. The gist of the message was straightforward enough: “You might want to prep yourself.”
A few days later, Apple named von Ahn’s app Duolingo as the best iPhone app of 2013. Duoli…

Get a $5 credit right now if you download an Amazon app

Amazon is giving Android users a $5 credit in return for downloading any app — even a free one.

Freemium Is the Most Profitable Pricing Strategy for Apps

If you’re looking to make money on an app of your own, your best bet is a freemium model. In seven of the Apple App Store’s 10 largest categories, the majority of revenue comes from in-app purchases in free apps
But there are a couple of exceptions: …

Apple Announces Top iPhone, iPad Apps of 2013

Finishing the year atop Apple’s App Store list has never been more competitive. The company announced in October that the App Store features more than one million apps that have combined for more than 60 billion total app downloads.
So, what does it …

The tablet magazine ship is sinking. Fast.

The death of the tablet magazine has been heralded for months, but here’s how publishers need to rethink their digital offerings for the tablet age.

Xyo invites more developers to try its app advertising platform

The app search outfit has taken its Contextual App Advertising system out of private beta, promising the most accurate contextual placement for ads.

The impact of mobility on enterprise software development

Increasing demand for consumer-like user interfaces and sleeker mobile applications in the enterprise pose a real threat to the traditional enterprise-independent software vendors that do not follow suit.

Apple reportedly improves App Store search engine to accommodate misspellings and typos

You should now have an easier time searching for the apps you want in Apple’s App Store, according to a report that its search engine has been refined.

8 Apps to Make You a Better Reader

How many books did you read last year? If your answer is more than one, congratulations: you’re more well-read than about 25% of Americans over age 16, according to a 2012 Pew Internet survey.
Ironically, as we become more surrounded by words in the…