Ich trink Ouzo, was trinkst du so? – I drink ouzo, what do you drink?

It has been called “The book on the crisis” and “A love letter to Greece”.   The journalist Stella Bettermann has written a real “feel good” book.   Even the longer stories leave a nice taste in your mouth as the author describes her childhood summers with parents and brother every year in  Greece. The magic, the exotic and the violent collide in this unusual holiday she describes in “I drink ouzo, what do you drink? “. The result is a love letter to Greece, the Greek people, to the warmth of her grandmother and an impressive and unusual family that the reader will not quickly forget.

With a fine sense of humor Stella Bettermann tells of the adventurous three-day drive from Munich to Piraeus, dust and heat and the great reception that the lost daughter and her family receives annually on arrival.

The author evokes the scent of anise and cinnamon, the greeting kisses of aunts, uncles, cousins, the joy of his grandfather and the soft hands of the grandmother, the smell of basil.Grandmother and grandfather –  Yiayia and  Pappous – and her  cousin Anna are the most important people in the holiday world of the girl from Germany. The almost blind Yiayia Stella goes every day to the market to buy fruit and vegetables. With Pappous they visit the playground and learn that Greek girls are not allowed to get dirty and are always perfectly presentable. With cousin Anna Stella she has a real adventure, expedition, like those the hear of in the coffee house, the traditional domain of the males.

Stella BettermannAt this point an important warning: Do not read this book on an empty stomach, for the enjoyable and detailed description of the mountains of delicious food, prepared every night by the grandmother will have you reeling. Even Stella’s better ouzo warning will be forgotten by the next summer vacation in Greece: While you drink it, you don’t feel anything, but when you try to get up, your legs give in…

Sensitively and with great humor, the author also deals with the cultural differences between Greeks and Germans, which shape their everyday life and can lead to entertaining misunderstandings.  Greeks  overprotect their children well into their adulthood.  And the Germans? Who let their dogs make piles everywhere, even on the playground. And they do not wash dishes by hand but rinse them with a cloth – how unhygienic!  But they are neat and industrious, the Germans, and what a beautifully green country they have.    Stella’s uncle said Michalis impressive, what is his view typical Greek: “The Greeks have to say just nothing, not even the boss. Where there is no matter whether one is wealthy or influential. That makes no impression on them. The only think: Who are you on, you have me do nothing to command. That’s the problem with Greece – that every little clerk, the instructions of his boss in question. They say, however, Yes, Sir! ” and bow too. And the Germans say, I won ‘work hard and when the chief asked. That is why they have become rich countries. ”

www.luebbe.de ISBN 978-3-404-61666-4 / Publisher: BASTION LÜBBE

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Is the ouzo industry too small to survive?

One of the problems facing ouzo is that it is generally produced by companies too small to help properly promote it.  It is indicative that at the recent ProWein international spirits trade show, there were only two companies with ouzo to show!   And of those, only ouzo Plomari the market leader in Greece, actually showed something new, the premium, triple distilled, “Adolo” brand of ouzo and a new brandy, (or whatever they are allowed to call it!), Pantheo.

As Andreas Mathidis, president of the Greek spirits association said, it is important that a major Greek brand represents the positive side of Greece, despite the bad publicity due to the economic climate.

Hey, just drink more ouzo and everything will seem great!



Ouzo de Plomari

Ouzo de Plomari Francais

Ouzo de Plomari

Il est élaboré dans la capitale Grec de l’Ouzo, la ville de Plomari sur l’île de Lesbos.

L’Ouzo est fait à partir de la combinaison précise de raisins pressés, d’herbes et de baies.

Tout commence à partir d’alcool élaboré avec la peau du raisin, il est alors mélangé avec des herbes et d’autres ingrédients incluant des étoiles d’anis, coriandre, clou de girofle, racine d’angélique, licorice, menthe, gaulthérie, fenouil, noisette et même de la cannelle et des fleurs de citronnier.
Le tout est ensuite bouilli dans un appareil de distillation en cuivre et est contrôlé par un dégustateur.

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Ouzo branding case study

Ouzo brands marketing and bottle design

A new category - premium ouzo brands - in Adolo by Plomari

There are many different ouzo brands and the competition is fierce.   So it is interesting when a “new” product comes along.   Even more so when it proposes an unused, yet traditional method of production and unique marketing and bottling.   Quoting from the branding experts that put the whole thing together:

Ouzo brands marketing and bottle design

A new category - premium ouzo brands - in Adolo by Plomari


“Adolo” the best quality ouzo Isidoros Arvanitis could produce.

A pleasant smell of anise, mastic and fennel derives from this premium category ouzo, distilled by an innovative recipe that may change everything taken for granted until now, as far as ouzo flavor is concerned. It is a crystal clear liquid that brings a light sense of its smelling ingredients to the taster’s mouth. According to the myth, the history of ouzo began in late 19th century. Isidoros Arvanitis, from Plomari village, Lesvos island, experimented on various spirits using a lot of different herbs in order to create the “ouzo”. This myth reaches its peak nowadays, again at Plomari village, where the premium ouzo has been created. More over, Isidoros Arvanitis used to name  ”Adolo”, the best quality ouzo he could produce, offering it only to his friends.


Discovering  the premium version of the No. 1 spirit of Greece. The challenge of branding a traditional product for a premium audience.

After the branding success of Ouzo Plomari, the leading Greek spirit drink , Yalos was commissioned to brand its new premium version, called “Adolo”.Our target audience are, opinion leaders who dare to challenge themselves with new choices. The retail environments, are a selection of contemporary bars, gourmet restaurants and of course, glamorous parties. ”Adolo” is a really special spirit, subject to three stages of distillation in order to keep the most valuable part of “the core”. Since, packaging has been proven to be one of the most critical factors in the marketing efforts and ultimate success of a spirit brand, Yalos implemented its expertise packaging design on three axes:

  • Transforming the traditional character of the well established brand of Ouzo Plomari, to an upmarket visual impact.
  • Harmonising the experience of the elegant flavouring of the spirit, with the shape of a crystal clear elegant bottle.
  • Incorporating the visual elements of the distillery brass kettle and hence delivering the look & feel of copper.

Thus creating the first premium ouzo brand of  Greece.



Ouzo baits

Going fishing...grab a bottle of ouzo!

One of the most popular baits for fishing in the U.S. has an interestingly apt name:  ouzo baits!   Because as you will discover, the true enjoyment of ouzo is most often with fish!

It may well be the case that more and more fishermen are finding the joys of ouzo to accompany those long fishing trips…

…it remains to be seen if it will replace beer as the most popular choice!