This is my personal website.   The idea is to have a stable reference point for friends, ex coworkers and relatives rather than relying on some “free” service or social network which might flake away at a moment’s notice.

It is also intended to be a way of finding me if we met up somewhere around the planet, on a mountain or at a conference and you want to catch up with me.

A lot of people, especially Twitter followers, have complained that the titles and summaries of my posts at seemed terrifically interesting, but no automated translation could keep up with the way I write.  ( And think!)  So I am trying to put more stuff in English whenever possible and keeping it all together here.

It is not easy being truly bilingual.  I think in English most of the time I think, though current research is divided on what exactly that means.  It is more a matter of audience probably, so here’s to you non Greeks!  When Google figures out a way to mine decent translation intelligence out of the available data I will merge them all…

Update.  I did merge a lot of sites into this site as well as the Greek one.

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